TANDEM LEADERSHIP is an intersectoral program designed for young leaders and professionals from Sweden and Finland. The  participants  will  take part of an esteemed program, while simultaneously strengthening their intersectoral and bilateral network. The program offers an excellent platform to build ties and strengthen the future cooperation between the different sectors, and between the two countries.

The program participants are young leaders and professionals from Sweden and Finland, who have already assumed a leadership position or are highly likely to do so in the future. The participants come from different sectors in society, with different educational, political and professional backgrounds. Tandem Leadership  believes that diversity creates excellence. 

Tandem Leadership stretches over one year, and includes three gatherings, each held over two days. The location of the gatherings moves between Swedish and Finnish venues. The program offers the participants an open forum for discussion with prominent speakers and each other.   Tandem Leadership is  politically and religiously independent. 


All participants will be invited to join the Alumni Network, which is designed to stimulate further discussion and dialogue after the program has completed. The Alumni Network has a yearly gathering and provides an excellent opportunity to further develop bilateral connections and friendships. Past participants will also receive invitations to other  relevant events.  

 "The program was fantastic. Everything from the composition of the participants to the lecturers have been really high-class. The program is undoubtedly the best of this type I have ever attended ! "

"A thousand thanks to the organizers and all the participants for an unforgettable year with Tandem Leadership . Let Tandem Leadership continue to gather young leaders with new visions in all eternity !